Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wine Cellar

Whilst on Holiday in the Western Cape we visited Franschoek, a picturesque town flanked by mountains on three sides. Thereafter we visited the La Motte wine farm. Of course one has to do some wine tasting during your visit. The settings at this farm were idyllic. The wine tasting room with its decor is magnificent. Adjacent to the room is this large wine cellar with an impressive array of casks that are sustained at a specific temperature.

There are dozens of wine farms in this area that contibutes to the bulk of the production in South Africa. The countryside is scenic and a pleasure to drive through.


Caroline said...

Lots of potential in them those barrels.

Craig Strachan said...

We are spoilt in the Cape with our wonderful wines. In fact just today I was posting about some of our farms.

Glad you enjoyed your visit.

Jimmy said...

Woot, so many barrels! I wonder what will the taste be after they are ready to be opened!

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